10 Biggest Theories For Young Sheldon Season 7

There are several big theories about what's next for Sheldon and his family in season 7. Usually, and the rest of the fall TV season have already started by now. However, due to the historical dual strikes involving the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA, where writers and actors fight for appropriate pay, countless projects are indefinitely delayed. This is certainly disappointing for fans, who are eagerly anticipating new episodes of their favorite shows.

For followers, the fact that season 7 may very well be its last makes the waiting worse. There were initial hopes that it could return in January, but it doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

In any case, the eventful offers ideas about what to expect when Sheldon and the clan return to the small screen to continue their story. From George's fate and Sheldon's possible move out of Texas, here are the biggest theories for season 7.

10 George Cheats & Then Dies

George's cheating scandal was supposed to go down in season 6 per timeline. However, it totally ignored it, effectively delaying the incident in season 7. This is arguably the biggest narrative that the prequel needs to tackle, considering that Sheldon's story about catching his dad with another woman significantly shaped his life.

Just a year after the cheating story, George supposedly dies unexpectedly. Depending on CBS' storytelling pace, this massive loss is also expected to go down in season 7.

9 Pastor Rob Returns And Seeks Out Mary (Again)

In season 6, Pastor Rob's feelings for Mary became clear. However, with everything going on with the Coopers, the show wasn't able to really delve into the aftermath of his quasi-confession. Whether he pushed forward with his move remains unclear, but since his story was left without any resolution, Young Sheldon season 7 might bring back Pastor Rob, who could seek out Mary again.

This will definitely add more complication to her marriage to George.

8 Missy Gets A Bad Influence Boyfriend

One of the most intriguing narratives in season 6 is . After years of being neglected, she finally got her personal arc, albeit a less fun one. This is expected to continue in season 7, and one way to continue making it interesting is to get Missy to dabble in dating while she is at her most vulnerable ever. She has been on a few dates before, but considering her poor judgment in

season 6, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that she also gets involved with a bad romantic partner.

7 Leonard & Penny FINALLY Make A Cameo

characters, Howard and Amy, have both made voice cameos for Young Sheldon. While their appearances were massively exciting, the prequel has yet to feature two of the most important guest stars that it could possibly have in Sheldon's best friends, Penny and Leonard. The Hofstadters are two of the most influential people in Sheldon's adult life, and it will be heartbreaking if they don't end up partaking in what seems to be Sheldon's autobiography project, which is the biggest theory behind the reason for his narration in


6 Mandy Breaks Up With Georgie

didn't reveal anything about Georgie's relationship with Mandy. However, it is arguably the best original plot that CBS has come up with for . Now that the couple is already engaged, there is an expectation that they will eventually get married, but if CBS is committed to sticking to's version of Georgie, Mandy can eventually decide to break up with him. This will explain why she was never mentioned in the mothership series.

Mary Returns To Church

A big part of Mary's season 6 arc was separating herself from the church. This resulted in a better relationship with her family, particularly with her husband. However, between Pastor Jeff's monetary contributions to Sheldon's Germany trip and his promise not to tattle about Meemaw's illegal gambling den, Mary may be enticed to return to his church. In any case, this lines up with her fate in .

4 Paige Returns Worse Than Ever

Despite not being a series regular, season 6 has been able to craft a compelling personal arc for Paige — Sheldon's fellow child prodigy. Every single time she returned to prequel, however, she was in worse shape than the last she appeared. Since there hasn't been any sign that she is finally on her redemption arc, it's likely that when Paige returns in season 7, she will be in a much direr situation, and it will be up to Sheldon and his family to help her again.

3 Sheldon Moves To Pasadena, California

The primary reason for 's supposed end is Sheldon's nearing move to Pasadena. Per timeline, he finished college and then started his post-graduation studies at Caltech when he was 14 years old. In season 6, the boy genius was already 13, which means that he only has one year left in college when he returns from his summer stint in Germany. In order to bridge the gap between and , CBS needs to execute a proper transition for the character as he begins his new life on the West Coast.

2 Meemaw Never Rebuilds Her House

At the end of season 6, Meemaw discovered that her house was fully destroyed by the latest Medford tornado. Granted that she has the money to start rebuilding it, thanks to the success of her illegal gambling den, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that she drops this and uses the money on other endeavors, including Mandy and Georgie's supposed wedding. In any case, if she and Dale fully rekindle their romance, there's no need for her to have a separate house, as it means that they can look after each other.

1 Young Sheldon Season 7 Launches The Coopers

While conversations about season 7 being its last are already happening, it doesn't mean that it will be the end for the Coopers. Despite its nearing pre-determined end, CBS can still pull a big twist and find a way to move the comedy forward as a true family show. With a few changes in its branding and storytelling, the network can launch The Coopers on the heels of 's end. The new show will focus on the rest of Sheldon's family back in Texas as he moves to California. Considering how beloved Missy and Georgie have become, this is the best way to continue it.

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