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“I don’t f–king care”: Jennifer Aniston Refused To Live In Fear Despite Labeled As “Selfish” By The Media For This Sad, Terrible Reason

Jennifer Aniston is hands down, one of the best actresses to date. An extraordinarily spectacular personality of stunning beauty, The Break-Up star has starred in numerous top-rated movies and TV shows and made her big break with the classic sitcom series Friends, for which she is widely acclaimed even years after its final airing.

But even the great Jennifer Aniston too found herself wound up in controversies, as the media portrayed her as a 'selfish' superstar, who cared only about her career for a terribly sad reason which gave her a dreadfully hard time.

Jennifer Aniston Talks About Her Hard Time When The Media Labeled Her As 'Sefish'

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Jennifer Aniston has always been a great influence on everyone around her. And maybe that's all the more reason why everyone tries to pull her down, the same way they did in her late 30s when the entire media cruelly labeled Aniston as 'selfish' for a reason that was awfully sad for the Friends star.

Finally opening up about the hard time the media gave her in the past, she revealed in an interview,

"I was trying to get pregnant. It was a challenging road for me, the baby-making road. All the years and years and years of speculation… It was really hard. I was going through IVF, drinking Chinese teas, you name it. I was throwing everything at it. I would've given anything if someone had said to me, 'Freeze your eggs. Do yourself a favor.' You just don't think it. So here I am today. The ship has sailed."

She further went on to share how the headlines had been naming her as too selfish about her career to have kids for years now, among other rumors.

"I just cared about my career. And God forbid a woman is successful and doesn't have a child.

And the reason my husband left me, why we broke up and ended our marriage, was because I wouldn't give him a kid. It was absolute lies. I don't have anything to hide at this point."

But being the strong personality she is, Jennifer Aniston managed to pull herself together even through hard times like this and continued to shine as bright as ever.

Jennifer Aniston Has Zero Regrets Now, Says She Doesn't Care Anymore

Jennifer Aniston also mentioned how she just didn't care about how the media portrayed her anymore. Despite her personal pain being huge, the Friends star seems to have overcome it in her own way and now believes that whatever she went through was worth it to make her the outstanding person that she is today.

"I would say my late 30s, 40s, I'd gone through really hard shit, and if it wasn't for going through that, I would've never become who I was meant to be. That's why I have such gratitude for all those shitty things. Otherwise, I would've been stuck being this person that was so fearful, so nervous, so unsure of who they were. And now, I don't f–king care. I have zero regrets. I actually feel a little relief now because there is no more, 'Can I? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.' I don't have to think about that anymore."

For what it's worth, Aniston's fans are proud of the way she has made her way through her dreadfully sad journey and of the fabulous person that she has become on the way.

Source: Allure 

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