How Johnny Galecki Really Felt About Working With Christine Baranski On The Big Bang Theory

How did Johnny Galecki feel about working with Christine Baranski on the hit show The Big Bang Theory? Not all celebrities are able to get along when they are working on a project together. However, many stars form friendships, or at least work well together on certain projects. However, some celebrities haven't liked every guest who has appeared on their shows.

Christine Baranski portrayed Johnny Baranski's mother on the popular sitcom. Although the two didn't have the best mother and son bond on-screen, it seems the two enjoyed working together as cast members behind the scenes. How did Johnny Galecki feel about working with Christine Baranski on the show, The Big Bang Theory?

What Has Christine Baranski Said About The Show?

Many celebrities have appeared on some of television's most popular shows, some for just one episode, and others being brought back for multiple episodes. Christine Baranski played Johnny Galecki's mother on the beloved sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. What has the Chicago actor said about her time on the series?

One thing Baranski has said is that she gets noticed more for her role as Dr. Beverly on the hit show than for any of her other roles.

She told People, "More often than not, they point to me and say 'Leonard's mother!' even though I appear infrequently as her on The Big Bang Theory."

"The show is just such a megahit. There are worse things to be called, believe me." Baranski also seemed pleased with her final appearance on the show. The Good Fight actor told WFSB3, "The final episode for Beverly and Leonard is really quite touching."

Baranski added, "I was so, so pleased with the way they wrote it because that's such a tortured relationship, and he finally confronts his mom. It was a beautiful scene. It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to the show and the character.


How Did Johnny Galecki Feel About Working With Christine Baranski On 'The Big Bang Theory'?

Numerous celebrities appeared on the beloved sitcom The Big Bang Theory during its 12 seasons, including Christine Baranski. While not all celebrity guests get along with the main cast behind the scenes, it seems Johnny Galecki enjoyed working with Baranski, who played his on-screen mother.

Baranski, as Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, Leonard's mother who's a neuroscientist and author, was constantly embarrassing her son on-screen.

However, it seems the two had a good relationship behind the scenes. Galecki and Baranski had great comedic chemistry and worked well together.

Galecki shared a teaser for the episode that saw Leonard and his mother resolve their relationship for the show's purposes. He also wrote, "I don't think I've ever posted a promo for a specific episode before but I am quite proud of tonight's. Hope you guys enjoy." Then he added a heart emoji before the word "you", seeming to say, "love you, #christinebaranski".

Galecki sharing the episode teaser, and adding that he is "proud" of the episode, along with a message to his on-screen mom, seems to imply that he has truly had a great time working with her throughout the series.

It also appears that he feels Leonard and his mother's relationship is an important part of the show, and that he is happy with how the show has brought their relationship with one another to a conclusion.

Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon on the show, has also said good things about working with the Mamma Mia! actor, telling USA Today she was one of his favorite "supporting players" on the show. "I see them (Baranski and Laurie Metcalf, who played Sheldon's mother), as actor's actors."

Parsons added, "All the years that I watched them (before Big Bang) I would identify with them as performers, as a fellow craftsman in the field.

To meet them and realize that was true was overjoying. Working with them was as rewarding and interesting as I always thought it would be."

What Have Showrunners Said About Leonard And His Mother's Relationship?

Throughout the series, Leonard had a complicated relationship with his mother, Dr. Beverly. The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Holland told ET that "it was very 'important to put a pin in their relationship'" by the time the series ended.

"In these last few episodes, Leonard has gone through some character growth and it just felt like it was the right time for him to finally stand up to his mom.

So we'd been talking about that scene and having [Christine Baranski] come back and having Leonard really put her in her place."

However, series creator Chuck Lorre had a different way to tie up their relationship for viewers. "It was [creator and executive producer] Chuck [Lorre] who said, 'You know what? The best thing he can do instead of yelling at her, is if he forgives her."

"You expect him (Leonard) to sort of lay into her and chastise her for all the years she's put him down - and instead, he forgives her. It just felt like a really powerful moment for this character."

According to Metro, Holland discussed wrapping up their relationship for the show with TV Insider, "In life, these types of things rarely tend to resolve themselves and just be 'over.' They always continue in some ways, but we're aware that this will be the last time they'll be together."

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