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All TBBT Characters From Least Flawed To Actually Sinister, Ranked By Reddit

They weren't all that good and friendly at all.

There's nothing wrong with liking characters who aren't perfect, as they, just like people in real life aren't supposed to be. While a character can be funny, quirky, and lighthearted, they can also have much worse qualities. Especially when it comes to sitcoms, where horrible actions are often used for humor.

This is definitely the case with The Big Bang Theory. Even the most hardcore fans of the show can't and won't deny it: their favorites are all problematic. Some of them are just a little more than others.

Here's the list of all The Big Bang Theory characters ranked from the most harmless to true menace to society by Reddit users.

7. Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy had her ups and downs, but she was mostly a very decent and honest person. Too blatant at times, but honest nevertheless. The only really horrible episode she had was the one with Wil Wheaton while he was a guest on Sheldon's Fun With Flags show.

6. Penny

It's obvious that Penny wasn't all nice and sweet. She used her "pretty privilege" left, right, and center and never cared for a minute. Although she never really hurt anyone, her intentions were clearly not pure.

5. Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard was never the worst guy on the show, but he wasn't the best either. Of all the characters, he seems to have made the least progress. Another thing is that he cheated on Penny, which is completely messed up and was overlooked by the show.

4. Rajesh Koothrappali

It was obvious how screwed up he was, and not in a quirky, fun way. He could not talk to a woman without the influence of alcohol. He also had a tendency to look down on some people because of their job, which is downright disgusting.

3. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Although her character started out okay and had all the chances to become a fan favorite, she turned out to be a complete disappointment after she married Howard. She became a real bully, not only to him but to many of her friends.

2. Howard Wolowitz

Howard deserves a second place for really stalking women in previous seasons just to get them into bed with him. Penny was the only girl who managed to get revenge on him, and, let's face it, it was a real pleasure to watch.

1. Sheldon Cooper

Okay, before you get all riled up: Sheldon's problems with reading social cues cannot excuse him from being a complete menace to his friends and co-workers. From inappropriate jokes to outright racist gestures, Sheldon Cooper easily takes the top spot.

Source: Reddit

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