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Johnny Galecki Spent Millions To Get Off The Map Of Hollywood Only For His Home To Burn Down

With a net worth estimated to be at $100 million, Johnny Galecki has earned the right to take time off following The Big Bang Theory's conclusion. In truth, he can make bank of the sitcom's reruns alone and live a good life.

As we'll reveal in the following, although The Big Bang Theory changed his career, it was another TV show that helped to discipline him early on. We'll take a look at his experience on the said show, while also revealing a purchase he made back in 2014.

At the time, Galecki was excited about the prospect of sneaking out of the busy LA streets. However, in 2017 the unthinkable would take place as several homes were destroyed.

We'll take a closer look at what went down, and how the actor reacted to what had taken place.

Johnny Galecki's Net Worth Soared On The Big Bang Theory, But Roseanne Served As A Major Turning Point In His Career

Johnny Galecki's career completely changed thanks to his role as Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. However, Roseanne proved to be a major part of his career success. According to the actor, the role helped to discipline him early on, and he was able to do so alongside some of the best 'professors' in the business.

Galecki tells Variety, "That experience, from 16-21, I really consider my college in many ways.

To work with Roseanne, who's from the standup world, and John (Goodman), who's a terribly disciplined film actor, I had the best professors in the business."

Although The Big Bang Theory brought in success nobody could've predicted, like the actor making $1 million per episode, Galecki admits things could've been very different. At the start, Galecki decided to change his audition, taking a try at the role of Leonard, instead of the proposed Sheldon character.

Galecki explains, "It was a very selfish request on my part. I hadn't been able to traverse those stories of the heart. I've often been cast as the best friend or the gay assistant of whatever character got to explore those relationships.

I said I'd rather play this guy, who seems to have a future of romantic triumphs and difficulties."

Galecki's vision clearly worked, and it allowed him to enjoy the finer things' life has to offer, like a stunning vineyard.

Johnny Galecki Was Excited About His Off The Map Ranch, But It Was Destroyed Due To The California Wildfires

Back in 2014, Johnny Galecki spoke in a Q&A alongside WebMD. During the interview, Galecki was asked about his newest purchase at the time, which was a property off the map, outside of LA. Galecki spoke fondly about the purchase, and was excited about it.

"It's a great place to get away from the madness of L.

A. At first, owning the property was intimidating. I was a city kid and I travel a lot. But I feel like the place marks a new beginning for me. I even have a tractor!"

In June of 2017, the unthinkable took place to Galecki's ranch in California's Central Coast. According to ABC News, Galecki's home was involved in a Wildfire, destroying 1,600 acres of land. Galecki took to an interview with, expressing his heartbreak for those living in the area, and what they had lost.

"My heart goes out to all in the area who are also experiencing loss from this vicious fire, the threat of which we live with constantly -- which may seem crazy to some, but we do so because living in our beautiful, rural area makes it worthwhile," Galecki said alongside TMZ at the time.

According to reports, dry temperatures was a major reason for the wildfire.

Johnny Galecki Recently Sold His Hollywood Hills Home For $11.1 Million

To this day, Johnny Galecki is still making real estate moves. One of them most recently took place in 2022 and saw the actor sell his stunning Hollywood Hills home, which was initially up for rent. Galecki made the move once The Big Bang Theory came to an end.

According to the LA Times, the home sold for $11.1 million, making it among the pricier sales of the neighborhood for the year. As expected, it was previously owned by other major names in Hollywood.

"Shrouded in tropical landscaping and hidden behind high walls and wood gates, the lush estate has become a hot spot for Hollywood stars over the years. Ben Stiller owned it for over a decade, transforming it into the custom hacienda it is today, and he sold it to Jason Statham for $7.325 million in 2011," LA Times reveals.

Since The Big Bang Theory came to an end, Galecki has decided to step back from the spotlight, while enjoying the process of fatherhood and the family life. It remains to be seen if a comeback will take place.

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