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Who Knew Young Sheldon's Annie Potts Was Such a Hottie Back in the 70s?

A few decades ago, the actress was the main heartthrob of the successful franchise.

Connie Tucker has become one of the most charismatic characters in Young Sheldon. She lives across the street from the Cooper house and is Mary's mother and Georgie, Sheldon and Missy's grandmother.

Connie lives a very active life, dating men, bowling, drinking and smoking. Sheldon loves his grandmother very much and she reciprocates.

Connie was played by actress Annie Potts, who has a rich filmography behind her. Not only outstanding acting skills, but also a bright and attractive appearance helped Annie to get roles in big projects.

Potts made her film debut in 1978. She got a role in the movie Corvette Summer. The first movie was successful – the actress received a Golden Globe nomination.

The first roles made her an actress in the comedy genre. This was noticed by film and television producers, who invited Potts to cooperate.

Convincing in every movie, Annie starred in the projects Designing Women, Pretty in Pink, Love & War. She was repeatedly nominated for prestigious awards as the best actress in a comedy series.

In 1984, Annie starred in the fantasy comedy that has become a cult classic –Ghostbusters. The actress played the role of Janine Melnitz. In 1989, the continuation of the story about the eccentric ghost fighters Ghostbusters 2 was released.

Potts was involved in the project Any Day Now, which had high ratings. After starring in four seasons of the series, the actress decided to leave the show in 2002.

A huge number of roles in various projects did not allow her to devote enough time to her family and personal life, so Annie took a break.

Despite a hiatus in her creative work, Potts regularly appeared in episodic roles.

She appeared in the TV series Royal Pains, Ugly Betty and Major Crimes. Among the popular TV projects in which the actress participated were Two and a Half Men and Grey's Anatomy.

During the break in her acting activity, she participated in Broadway productions and worked with the dubbing of animations and books.

In 2012, Annie was cast in the lead role in the series GCB, and 5 years later portrayed a grandmother in Young Sheldon.

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