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Friends Star Jennifer Aniston Went From Earning A Mere $22,500 Per Episode On First Season To A Whopping $1 Million Per Episode On Season 10 - Here's How The Diva's Salary Growth Looked Like!

One of the Hollywood A-listers, Jennifer Aniston, is a woman of many layers. She is quite versatile in her acting, and over the years of her career, she proved the same. However, she will forever be remembered as Rachel Green from the American sitcom Friends. The series also featured Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer. It went over ten seasons, and well, each season has its own taste.

Now, while we are talking about Friends, do you know how much Jennifer earned from the series from season one to ten? Well, scroll ahead to read further and know more.

For those who don’t know, the popular Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has an estimated net worth of around $320 million, and the credit mostly goes to Friends as a large sum comes from the series.

So, how much did Jennifer Aniston earn from Friends?

When Jennifer Aniston said yes to playing Rachel Green in Friends, she really lucked out, not only from the financial aspect but also from the love that she received from the audience. However, as per reports on season 1, everyone in the cast, including Jen An, had received a paycheck of $22,500 per episode, which is $540,000 in total from the season.

In the second season of Friends, Jennifer Aniston and came under the spotlight for Rachel and Ross’ chemistry. Reportedly, they had earned around $40,000 per episode, which is approximately $1.04 million in total if the numbers are to be believed.

From season three, Jennifer Aniston and other cast members kind of matched their salaries and earned around $75,000 per episode ( $1.875 million in total). In season 4, they received $85,000 per episode, cumulating $2.125 million in total, while in season 5, the cast took home $100,000 per episode totalling $2.4 million.

In the sixth season, the cast got a raise, and they pocketed $125,000 per episode, which is $3.125 million in total, and in the seventh and eighth seasons, their salary skyrocketed. Jennifer Aniston and others earned $750,000 per episode ( $36 million total).

Did you know during seasons 9 and 10, Jen An, and Lisa Kudrow became the highest-paid women on TV? As per reports stated in Parade, they received a paycheck of $1 million per episode or $41 million in total.

For the unversed, Friends got wrapped after season ten in 2004, but the cast still receives the residuals of around $20 million. And when the cast came together for the HBO Max Special Reunion, they earned reportedly $2.5 million.

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