Young Sheldon Season 7: SAG-AFTRA Strike Delays, Release Date Prediction & Everything We Know

The extremely popular Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon has enjoyed a successful six-season run so far, and the upcoming Young Sheldon season 7 could be the most eventful yet — especially if events from Sheldon's childhood mentioned in TBBT finally happen in the prequel. Debuting in 2017, the sitcom follows Sheldon Cooper as he grows up in his small hometown in Texas in the late-'80s and early-'90s and struggles to fit in with his family and friends. Like The Big Bang Theory before it, much of the humor of Young Sheldon is derived from Sheldon's interactions with the outside world, and the spinoff series gets to the heart of what makes the beloved character tick.

Throughout its run, Young Sheldon has enjoyed relatively positive responses from critics, and the show continues the overwhelming popularity of its parent series The Big Bang Theory. The biggest strength of the series is its storytelling and the family dynamic within the Cooper household, and the cast of Young Sheldon does justice to their Big Bang Theory counterparts. As far as prequel stories go, Young Sheldon not only serves to explore where the titular character came from, but it recontextualizes the original series to make it an even more enjoyable experience upon subsequent watches. This may only increase based on what happens in season 7.

Latest Young Sheldon Season 7 News

The latest Young Sheldon season 7 news continues to spell trouble for the approaching release date. There is growing concern for what the Screen Actors Guild strike will mean for Young Sheldon season 7 after production was already put at risk due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Though the production insisted that they had enough scripts to begin shooting the new season and even set a release date, the length of the strike seems to have been more than production can stay ahead of.

Now the SAG strike all but ensures that Young Sheldon season 7 will have to shut down its production until it is resolved. This could mean that there is a shorter-than-expected season that would struggle to wrap things up in a coherent way, or Young Sheldon season 7 may have to be delayed until filming can be completed. In either case, it throws Young Sheldon season 7 into further uncertainty — an especially notable worry since the next season of Young Sheldon could be one of the most important in the entire show.

Young Sheldon Is Renewed For Season 7

Unlike most shows that are only renewed on a year-by-year basis, the success and popularity of Young Sheldon necessitated the show getting a long-term extension. Back in 2021, Young Sheldon was renewed through season 7 which meant a three-year renewal at the time. This not only represented CBS' desire to strike while the iron was hot, but it also spoke to the fact that the network had goals for the show over time. Major story milestones have taken place during the two seasons that have already aired from the last extension, and season 7 shows signs of continuing that trend.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Release Date

Though the renewal of Young Sheldon for season 7 happened in 2021, CBS has yet to release a specific date for the premiere of the season. Despite the Writers Strike, CBS seemed confident that Young Sheldon season 7's release date window for the Fall 2023 programming would remain unchanged. This could be an indication that they have enough material for a significant portion of the season, but there is still the possibility that the SAG strike goes on longer and the rest of Young Sheldon season 7 is in danger.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Cast

As is the case with most sitcoms, the cast of Young Sheldon hasn't fluctuated much from season to season, and it can be expected that many of the main cast members will return. It can be assumed that the show's star, Iain Armitage will be back as Sheldon Cooper, and he will be joined by the likes of Zoe Perry as Sheldon's mom Mary Cooper, Montana Jordan as his brother "Georgie" Cooper, and Raegan Revord as his twin sister Missy Cooper. Though the ultimate fate of Lance Barber as Sheldon's father George Cooper Sr.

is unknown, he will likely also return to the Cooper household for season 7.

Over its six-season run thus far, Young Sheldon has built a beloved stable of supporting characters who will most likely also make appearances in season 7. Cast members like Annie Potts as Meemaaw, Matt Hobby as Pastor Jeff Difford, Wyatt McClure as Billy Sparks, and Emily Osment as Mandy McAllister should all play a part in Young Sheldon season 7. Additionally, if season 7 is the show's last, it could be expected to see various recurring characters make their returns in order to have a proper sendoff as the series takes its final bow.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Story Details

Though no details about the plot of Young Sheldon season 7 have been confirmed, certain things can be speculated because of the timeline established in The Big Bang Theory canon. If things track with how the show has been handling time so far, season 7 will be the year that Sheldon is 14 which was always established as a pivotal time in the character's life. Young Sheldon season 7 could tackle George's death, and could finally show the young genius move to California.

Even if the show doesn't end with season 7, those events need to happen soon if the canon is to be preserved.

Young Sheldon season 6 set up various storylines as well that will surely continue into season 7. This includes the fact that Sheldon and Mary left for Germany so Sheldon could attend a summer program. It remains to be seen if season 7 will deal at all with him over there or pick up when he returns home. There are also some interesting developments with the rest of the Cooper family, from Georgie getting engaged to Missy becoming rebellious, that will surely come into play.

Will Young Sheldon Season 7 Be The Last?

When Young Sheldon was renewed up to season 7 back in 2021, speculation began swirling whether that would spell the end of the hit series. The title of the show has already become somewhat inaccurate as the character has aged into a teenager, and The Big Bang Theory's continuity contains integral events that have to happen soon in Sheldon's timeline. Major moments like George's death have yet to occur, but even if they do soon, Young Sheldon doesn't need to end after season 7.

After all, CBS' decision to renew the show for three additional seasons doesn't necessarily indicate that they planned for it to end after season 7, but it could instead represent the number of years that executives felt comfortable greenlighting in one go. There is still a lot of Sheldon's life left to explore up until he arrived on The Big Bang Theory, and Young Sheldon has done an excellent job of diversifying the storylines so that the titular character isn't the only focus. Regardless of what happens in the story, Young Sheldon will most likely be just as popular after season 7 as it was before.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Trailer Info

With season 6 still fresh, Young Sheldon season 7 won't likely see a trailer for quite some time. However, that isn't unusual for the history of the show or how most series are advertised. The first episode of Young Sheldon season 6 aired on September 29th, 2022, and the first trailer for the season itself premiered only a few days earlier on the 16th. Considering the fact that Young Sheldon season 7 will likely debut in September, fans could expect a similar strategy for the trailer release.

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