The Bizarre Way Johnny Galecki Welcomed Kevin Sussman To The Set Of The Big Bang Theory


Johnny Galecki, despite his fame and fortune, did not become a jerk on the set of The Big Bang Theory.Kevin Sussman, who played Stuart Bloom, initially didn't expect his character to become a mainstay of the show.Galecki welcomed Sussman to the cast in a strange way.

During time starring in , he became one of the biggest TV stars of his generation. As a result, Galecki was able to pull off something most people can only dream of, he became a at one point.

Given that and famous, some people may assume that he became a jerk to the people who went to The Big Bang Theory's set.

According to Kevin Sussman, however, that wasn't the case but Galecki did welcome him in a strange way.

Who Was Kevin Sussman On The Big Bang Theory?

By the time The Big Bang Theory ended, Kevin Sussman's character Stuart Bloom became a big part of the show. In fact, Stuart was such a big deal for the show that other characters were introduced mostly due to their association with him.

The most notable example of that is Lauren Lapkus' character Denise. First introduced as Stuart's co-worker at the comic shop, Stuart and Denise ultimately fell for each other which led to Lapkus appearing in eight The Big Bang Theory episodes.

Given how big of a role Stuart ultimately played in the show, it can be easy to assume that was always going to happen. In reality, however, there was no reason to think that Stuart would become one of The Big Bang Theory's main characters when he first appeared.

Just like fans, The Big Bang Theory's stars had no way of knowing that Stuart would become a staple of the show for eleven seasons. As a result, when Kevin Sussman walked on The Big Bang Theory's set for the first time, the show's stars had no reason to believe they would go on to work with him consistently for years.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that many TV stars don't have the respect to treat guest stars with the dignity they deserve.

Since that fact is well known, it would have made perfect sense if Sussman was filled with anxiety when he first went to work on The Big Bang Theory.

Fortunately for Sussman, it turns out that he actually had a pretty good experience during his first time on The Big Bang Theory's set. The reason why that is known is during an interview with some of his co-stars, Sussman revealed the strange but really cool way Johnny Galecki welcomed him.

How Did Johnny Galecki Welcome Kevin Sussman To The Big Bang Theory's Set?

While talking to CBS in 2017, The Big Bang Theory stars Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, and Kevin Sussman were asked what it was like when they first started working on the show.

In response, Galecki and Cuoco spoke about very quickly feeling like something about the show and its cast really worked.

After Galecki called it “nerve-wracking” to first go on set, Cuoco spoke about the cast’s chemistry. “I knew we had something special. I remember that we had like a little party after the pilot episode and I thought ‘Ew, this is something’, it was a good feeling. You always hope there’s going to be that, but, and then it continued to what it is today, which is amazing.”

Galecki then chimed back in to discuss his opinion that the show’s cast worked well together once they were all hired.

“The chemistry was really apparent from the first table reading. It was like ‘Oh, Simon’s doing it that way and I didn’t foresee that and it changes what I do five degrees this way and that’s better.’ And we all just complimented each other in a way you can’t predict or create.”

After Cuoco and Galecki’s comments, Kevin Sussman began to answer the question in his own way. Typically self-effacing, Sussman initially began speaking about not being involved in The Big Bang Theory’s pilot. As Sussman joked, he likely was doing something a lot less productive when The Big Bang Theory’s original stars were filming the pilot.

“I wasn’t in the season one, so, when the show started, I was basically probably at home getting a bowl, like, of cereal or something which was very easy for me.”

After Sussman’s co-stars seemed amused by his remark, they inquired what it was like when he finally showed up to film his first episode of The Big Bang Theory. More specifically, Galecki asked Sussman, “What was it like when you first came to the set, were people nice to you?” Cuoco then chimed in to ask Sussman, “Who was the nicest to you?”

Opting to answer Cuoco’s question provided Sussman with the ability to reveal . Based on what Sussman explained to Galecki in response to Cuoco’s question, he was initially a little starstruck to be interacting with the former Roseanne star but Galecki quickly put him at ease in a way that almost nobody ever would have predicted.

“You went and, I was like ‘oh, that Johnny Galecki.’ And you went and like, introduced yourself to me and came back with a slushie for me I didn’t ask for. And I was like, ‘That is a nice man.’” Based on how Cuoco responded to Sussman’s story, it seems like randomly bringing a guest star a slushie to be nice is the kind of thing Galecki would do. “That sounds like him.” On the other hand, Kunal Nayyar seemed to recognize what Galecki did was kind of weird. “What an odd experience.”

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