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Does Jennifer Aniston Wear A Wig In We're The Millers?

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is a huge component of her appearance in 2013’s , but it’s not immediately clear if the hair she sports throughout the movie is her own. tells the ridiculous story of small-time drug dealer David, who brings together a ragtag group to pose as the fake Miller family to aid him in smuggling marijuana over the Mexican border. In addition to the teenage “” kids Kenny and Casey, , a stripper who is posing as the Miller matriarch Sarah.

As both Rose and Sarah Miller, Jennifer Aniston is seen wearing several different looks throughout . Because of this, it’s hard to discern what parts of Rose’s appearance are real, particularly in regard to her hair. Whether the character’s appearance is utilizing Jennifer Aniston’s real hair or a wig, Rose’s wide array of looks is a huge aspect of selling her different personas in


Jennifer Aniston Wears A "Half-Wig" In We're The Millers

Jennifer Aniston has a variety of different looks throughout , but it’s not clear at first whether she is wearing a wig or using her real hair while posing as Sarah Miller. In reality, the answer is a mix of both. According to , Jennifer Aniston says that she wore a “” in . So, Sarah Miller’s look in was achieved through a combination of using Jennifer Aniston’s real hair and what the actress referred to as a “.”

Why Jennifer Aniston Wears So Many Wigs In We're The Millers

Jennifer Aniston’s hair has been a big part of her image since her days, which makes it jarring to see her wearing so many wigs in , but there’s a good reason for her multiple styles. The biggest reason that Jennifer Aniston sports so many wigs throughout is that Aniston’s character Rose is an exotic dancer outside of her stint with the Millers. At Rose’s occupation, she is seen wearing a variety of different costumes and wigs as part of her act. These multiple personas that Rose puts on for her job keep her safe, and her wigs help to sell the image she projects.

The other reason Jennifer Aniston wears so many wigs in

is to help portray her alter ego as Sarah Miller while posing with her fake family. Appearance is a major component of selling the Miller facade for everyone, but it is especially the case for Rose. Rose needs to portray the image of a married, middle-aged mother of two that Sarah Miller represents, which necessitates a wig. The many looks of Rose are a huge part of , and though is unlikely, it would be fascinating to see how her appearance evolves now that the Millers are a “” family.

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