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'Drop a ball for how many days': The time Jennifer Aniston imagined what FRIENDS characters would have done during the pandemic

In the world of television, few shows have left as indelible a mark as FRIENDS. With its timeless humor and beloved characters, it's no wonder fans often ponder how the comedic gang would fare in various scenarios, including a global pandemic. Jennifer Aniston, one of the show's leading stars, recently indulged in a little imaginative speculation about how the FRIENDS characters would have navigated life during the quarantine.

Jennifer Aniston's playful take on FRIENDS quarantine

In a conversation with , conjured up a humorous vision of how the FRIENDS characters would have fared during the pandemic. She quipped, "You might have thought the cast of Friends was actually in a quarantine because all they did was hang out in the apartment, aside from the coffeehouse." 

Aniston playfully imagined how the boys of the group, particularly Ross, Joey, and Chandler, would have devised a unique game to pass the time. Fans of the show might recall the infamous game of throwing a ball without letting it drop from Season Five’s The One With the Ball. “But the boys would have figured out a game to play — the one where they didn’t have to drop a ball for how many days,” she shared.

Jennifer Aniston is confident that FRIENDS character would not go crazy during quarantine 

Aniston further elaborated on her playful musings, imagining that the "" gang would have taken social distancing seriously. However, she added a humorous twist, saying, “except maybe not Phoebe so much, because she was a free spirit.”  

Moreover, Aniston believed that the group would have formed their own ways to stay connected. Each character would have had their apartment as a safe space, ensuring they wouldn't go stir-crazy. The superstar explained, “They would be in each other’s pods. So as long as they saw each other, which, well, that’s easy. So we would have Ross’ apartment to go to, we would have Phoebe’s apartment to go to, Rachel and Monica’s, and Joey and Chandler’s. So you have four locations so that they wouldn’t go crazy.”

Jennifer Aniston's playful imagination gives fans a delightful glimpse into how the FRIENDS characters might have weathered the storm of a pandemic, emphasizing the enduring appeal and enduring bond of the iconic show's characters.

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